Research based analyses of the Danish economy.
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About us

The DREAM group develops tools to provide research based analyses of the Danish economy. Our toolbox contains economic models, demographic projections, and other data-driven analyses. Our users are typically ministries, NGOs, and think tanks.

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Economic models

Since 1997, DREAM has built five economic models. The models are used to project and forecast the Danish economy in both the short and long term as well as to evaluate effects of economic policy. In addition, an environmental economic model is under development.

Introduction to economic models


Analyses of the long-term economic development.


The economy in both the short and the long term.


Projecting housing demand and income distribution.


Analyses of productivity and taxation.


Environmental and climate-economic model.

Demographic projections

DREAM has developed three projection models that project population size, educational level and labour supply. The three models are closely related, as they are run sequentially. The projections are used independently to evaluate policy effects. In addition, the projections provide a part of the data for our economic models (the DREAM-model-system).

Introduction to demographic projections

About the DREAM-model-system

Population projection

The size of the Danish population in the following decades.

Education projection

Developments in the education level of the population in the future.

Labour market projection

How many are available for the labour market in the future.