MAKRO is an economic model built with the intention of supporting the government in implementing healthy policy through macroeconomic forecasts and policy impact analysis for the Danish economy.

The MAKRO model’s purpose is to project and forecast the Danish economy in the medium to long term as well as to evaluate effects of economic policy. In doing so, it also integrates short-term government economic forecasts. The structural level of the economy – including the structural government balance - is included as an integral part of the model as well as short-term analyses of the economy, fiscal sustainability requirements , and structural economic impact of policy proposals.
MAKRO has been under development since 2017. The first full model version was published in March 2023. The model is currently being implemented for use in the Danish Ministry of Finance. The model code is publicly available and can be downloaded at Github.

Download the model

To ensure openness and transparency around MAKRO, the source code for the model is publicly available on Github.

This gives external researchers the opportunity to participate in a professional debate about the modelling. In addition, it will be possible to carry out shocks on the model. However, running the model requires a license for the program GAMS.

Download from Github