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GreenREFORM started as a research project at the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University in 2017. The project has since been expanded with a model group in the DREAM group.

The development of GreenREFORM was formally divided into a research project, which financed a research group comprised of researchers from the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University, and a project funded by a grant from the Ministry of Finance in 2019. The research project was formally finished in the summer of 2022, while the latter still finances a permanent Model Group at DREAM. 

Model Group

The members currently included in the Model Group are listed below:

Name Title Contact
Peter Phillip Stephensen Research Director
Jens Sand Kirk Project Director
Thomas Nyvang Dalgaard Chief Research Analyst
Louis Birk Stewart Senior Research Analyst
Asbjørn Kehlet Berg Research Analyst
Rikke Vie Madsen Research Analyst
Adam Hallengreen Jørgensen Student Assistant
Lucas William Shine Student Assistant
Elin Ze Næss-Schmidt Vestergaard Student Assistant
Karl Pinholt Nørgaard Student Assistant
Mathias Hansen Student Assistant  

See contact information for members of the DREAM group


Board of Directors


Navn Titel Institution
Peter Birch Sørensen Professor University of Copenhagen
Jette Bredahl Jacobsen Professer University of Copenhagen
Jørgen Elmeskov Vice chairman Danish Council on Climate Change
Michael Svarer Professor Aarhus University
Mogens Fosgerau Professor University of Copenhagen
Las Gårn Hansen Professor University of Copenhagen
Lars Haagen Pedersen Deputy permanent secretary Ministry of Finance
Michael Skaarup Deputy permanent secretary Danish Ministry of Taxation
Lone Ank Director Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs
Henrik Kjærgaard Deputy permanent secretary Ministry for Climate, Energy and Utilities
Jakob Møller Nielsen Deputy permanent secretary Ministry of Environment
Hanne Lund-Christensen Deputy permanent secretary Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
Claus Andersen Deputy permanent secretary Ministry of Transport
Jacob Krog Søbygaard Head of Secretariat Danish Council on Climate Change
Martin Nygaard Jørgensen

Deputy Head of Department and Head of Macroeconomic Analysis

National Bank of Denmark
Stig Uffe Pedersen

Deputy Director General

Danish Energy Agency