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GreenREFORM started as a research project at the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University in 2017. The project has since been expanded with a model group in the DREAM group.

The development of GreenREFORM is formally divided into a research project, which finances a research group comprised of researchers from the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University, and a project funded by a grant from the Ministry of Finance in 2019, which finances a permanent model group in the DREAM group. There is close cooperation between the two groups, making the distinction is less meaningful in practice.

The project group comprised of 15-20 people, depending on how they are counted. There are four fulltime economists and four research assistants on the project in the DREAM group, but the project also takes advantage of modelling expertise from other parts of the DREAM group. At the University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University, Professor Peter Birch Sørensen leads a research group of six PhD-students and an adjunct professor, who work on sector specific sub-models.

The project group is organized in working groups across the model group and the research group with responsibility for developing the respective sub-models and integrating them with the general equilibrium model. This website includes sections for each working group, where the development of the respective sub-models can be followed. The research project has an Advisory Board as also presented below.

Research Group

The following table gives an overview of the research group.


Name Title Kontakt
University of Copenhagen    
Rasmus Kehlet Berg PhD Student Link
Janek Bligaard Eskildsen PhD Student Link
August Twile Nielsen PhD Student Link
Peter Kjær Kruse-Andersen Adjunct Professor Link 
Peter Birch Sørensen Professor Link
Jonathan Leisner PhD Student Link
Aarhus University    
Cecilie Marie Jørgensen PhD Student Link
Simon Christiansen PhD Student Link


Model Group

There are eight permanent members of the model group. After the research director of the DREAM group, these are the first eight names listed in the table below. In practice, a number of other members of the DREAM group also contribute to the project to varying degrees. The members who are currently included in working groups are also listed below.


Name Title
Peter Stephensen Research Director
Jens Sand Kirk Project Director
Ulrik Richardt Beck Chief Research Analyst
Asbjørn Kehlet Berg Research Analyst
Emma Rose Andresen Research Analyst
Jonas Holst Student Assistant
Gustav Elias Dahl Student Assistant
Kevin Guldager Jensen Student Assistant
Lucas Shine Student Assistant
Ralph Bøge Jensen Senior Research Analyst
Michael Baltzer Andersen Senior Research Analyst

See contact information for members of the DREAM group

Working Groups

The following table gives an overview of the working groups for the project and the members included in each.


Working group Members
General Equilibrium Model Peter Stephensen
  Jens Sand Kirk
  Ralph Bøge Jensen
  Asbjørn Kehlet Berg
Agriculture, Fishery and Forestry Ulrik Richardt Beck
  Asbjørn Kehlet Berg
  Cecilie Marie Jørgensen
  Simon Christiansen
Energy Peter Stephensen
  Jens Sand Kirk
  Asbjørn Kehlet Berg
  Rasmus Kehlet Berg
Transportation Peter Stephensen
  Jens Sand Kirk
  Ulrik Richardt Beck
  Asbjørn Kehlet Berg
  Janek Bligaard Eskildsen
Waste Management Peter Birch Sørensen
  Peter Kjær Kruse-Andersen
  Ulrik Richardt Beck
  Emma Rose Andresen
Abatement of Emissions Peter Birch Sørensen
  Peter Stephensen
  Emma Rose Andresen
  August Twile Nielsen
  Jonathan Leisner


Advisory Board

The following table provides an overview of the Advisory Board to the research project.


Name Title Institution
Signe Anthon Team Leader Ministry of Environment and Food
Jørgen Elmeskov National Statistician Statistics Denmark
Jacob Møller Head of Department Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities
Lars Haagen Pedersen Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance
John Smidt Head of Secretariat Secretariat of the Danish Economic Council
Jacob Krog Søbygaard Head of Secretariat Secretariat of the Danish Council on Climate Change